Simple Tips On What To Do With Old Jewelry

Pawn ShopThere are a lot of different things that you will no doubt venture forward with in life. One of them is collecting jewelry. You may not do so outright, but most people will get a few pieces here and there. Some of them will occur because of an event, such as a wedding, and others will simply be given items. Whatever the reason, you’ll no doubt have a necklace, bracelet, or rings.

If these items are made of gold or silver, then you may have something valuable in your possession, and often you may not even be wearing it. Many people leave items like this in a drawer, forgotten or abandoned outright. You may not even think about it, and when you do, you’ll find that things are dusty and may not look all that well.

There are a few things that you can do with these things, from selling them outright to visiting a pawn shop, you may find yourself focusing on what to do next.

Selling To A Jewelry Expert

If you watch television or listen to the radio, you may be hit with a lot of ads in regards to selling gold or silver. There are companies that want your items, and they seem to be wanting to pay top dollar.

The thing about this is however is that you may end up going with a company that is not that good. Selling jewelry to experts is ok, but you have to go with reputable resources. For instance, you may find companies like, are good to work with. Others may not be so grand. If you fail to do a little due diligence in this regards, you could end up falling short of the greater good that comes with selling your items outright.

Pawn Shop Solutions

You may not know this, but pawn shops can help you out in a great number of ways. If you have old jewelry that you don’t want, you can always go to one of these locales and get money.

There are two major ways that you can pull money from your items. Pawn shop options start with buying and selling. In that regards, you could sell them your gold and get a standard rate. But if you wanted to get a loan, you could use the items you have as collateral and move forward that way. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that pawn shops provide you with a variety of solutions that can help you get the most out of your jewelry.

Considerations To Remember

When you’re dealing with jewelry at any level, you need to focus on a few simple things. First, make sure that the items are in fact made of precious metals. If they aren’t, they may be plated. Plated options will not be as good overall.

They can still garner you some money, but the real money is found with the deeper options. When you consider solid pieces, you will find that your benefits will rise because the cost break down will be good.


Pawn shops and jewelry locations both work well if you have jewelry that you don’t want. They can take it off your hands by giving you fair market value, and cash right away. Understanding which option is right for you depends on several factors, but if you’re going to have these things lying around, you are going to miss out on their inherent value. Unwanted, broken, and otherwise unused jewelry can pose a great benefit to just about anyone, as long as you focus on finding the right solution for getting rid of it. Selling is always a good option if you’re not going to use things outright.

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