Link Building What and How

Link building is still one of the most effective ways to promote a website even if some claim otherwise. In fact, major search engines like Google still use links as the basis for web content’s visibility rank provided that the links are not spam or suspicious. The more times content has been linked, the better is its visibility rank.

link buildingWith the continuous growth and popularity of the Internet, link building is projected to stay for a long time. Old linking techniques will just be improved, but not totally abandoned. This process is just too effective in promoting pages to be lost in the midst of other online marketing strategies. Yes, link building is an Internet marketing strategy for most SEO companies for the simple reason that it works.

If done properly, link building can put a website on top of the search results in search engines. This ensures more chances of being opened and read by target audience. It depends on the purpose of the link, whether it is to increase traffic on a website or to promote products of services of certain businesses. Making a link is only one step in Internet marketing or advertising, though. In the end, it is the content that wins the audience. People can follow a link then lose interest with what they see.

Therefore, in order for link building to be effective, certain conditions must be met. The first is to conceptualize content that is creative, interesting and useful to the audience. The content should promote usefulness in the form of new information and techniques that the audience can relate to and apply to their daily life. This promotes a strong recall of the link’s content and interest to read further in the pages’ other links. If the audience really likes the content, chances are they may even bookmark and visit it regularly. The use of various medium of conveying information such as videos, infographics, photos, and interesting presentations is also suggested. In today’s fast-paced world, people have little time to read very long articles.

linkIn link building, choosing the webpage to link content is also important. In order to avoid suspicious activity related to spam, it is better to link with websites that are related to the link. For example, advertisements of shopping pages must be linked with fashion or home-making blogs. Linking just about anywhere is spamming, which could lead to being banned in search results of major search engines. This will be applicable to both the pages being linked and the main pages they are linked to.

For those who use link building in internet marketing, this technique is more affordable and convenient than other traditional advertising modes. There are even websites that offer free hosting of links as long as the contents are relevant to their own page content. It is all about finding the perfect niche on where to build links online. Doing this can capture the target market for one’s business. Also, it can help in promoting other websites and pages with similar content. Link building is a two-way marketing strategy that works for the two linked pages.

The main goal of building links is to increase online visibility. Being viewed by internet users equates to reaching a potential customer. It could also lead to more page views and being referred to other people, if the content has been found interesting and useful by the audience. The possibilities that link building offers are endless, that’s why it’s here to stay. It will evolve and adapt to the market needs, but it will never be gone in a long time.